Rex Specs - Eye Protection

Rex Specs - Eye Protection

September 11, 2020

Rex Specs are super cute, well designed eye protection for dogs that come in a range of sizes and colours. We have been using RexSpecs on our two biker dogs for 2 years. We purchased the Xsmall in yellow for Shadow and the Small-wide in blue for Weeti. Both pairs came with 2 lenses. Again there is a range of tints for the lenses. We decided the first lens would be clear for both and then for Shadow we selected the blue mirror which looked really cool and for Weeti we selected smoke.

We knew it was important for our dogs to have good, comfortable eye protection when riding, especially on highways and motorways. It took us some time to find Rex Specs, we tried some other products on the market including goggles for humans. Nothing fit their faces as well as the Rex Specs and gave 100% protection. Rex Specs have a cushion pad that runs around the frame where it comes in contact with the dogs face. When you fasten the Rex Specs and adjust the webbing, the cushion distributes the ‘load’ around the frame so there isn’t one point digging into their faces and ensures the seal against the face preventing any wind or debris to intrude behind the lens.

Your dog will need training to get used to wearing Rex Specs just like any other new product you introduce. The instructions provided by Rex Specs are very clear and easy to follow. Leaving the lens out until they are used to the frame means the dog won’t scratch up the lens.

The only issue we’ve had with the Rex Specs is down to us. After the restrictions from Covid-19 were lifted we were keen to get back on the road quickly and cover a lot of distance. We didn’t consider easing Weeti and Shadow back into riding. So within 2 days we had lost both pairs of Rex Specs on the highway. For our next pair I will attach a safety chain from the Rex Specs to their harness to catch the Specs if the girls knock them off on a long riding day.

We think the price is reasonable for the product. You need to consider the research and development that went into making this great product available and to have such a good range of sizes and colours in stock ready to deliver.

Something that means a lot to us is customer service. The team at Rex Specs have always been really helpful and friendly. Check out their website and don’t hesitate to contact them if you need help with sizing etc.

Check out the Rex Specs website at

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