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The Pack Track - 9 Years Motorcycling The World

Janell and Stuart Clarke are both engineers and both enjoyed travelling and exploring the Australian outback by four wheel drive having so much fun that they decided to explore the world. So they began dreaming and planning a trip, but it soon became apparent to them that the cost of using a four wheel drive would deeply cut in to their budget. Then the idea of using motorcycles came up and that seemed like a plan they could sink their teeth into. Soon they were on the road, two bikes and a dog on the trip of a lifetime. Nine years later, they are still travelling from country to country and having picked up some passengers it’s now five of them on two motorcycles - still exploring the world.

Throttled Roots Live with The Pack Track

What do you call 2 people, 3 dogs and 2 motorcycles? The Pack Track of course!! This trio of 5 is traveling the world together. We love our fur family and some of us wish we could take them everywhere. Well these 2 are and they are doing it on motorcycles! Come hang out with us and hear about how this adventure started, when it began and of course the stories from the road.

Overlanding with Pets – An interview with The Pack Track

Riding a motorcycle around the world is thrilling, challenging, and liberating, and you are guaranteed an adventure full of opportunities to venture off the beaten track. Add a partner and three dogs to the mix, and you are guaranteed a journey overflowing with unique experiences. Australian couple Stu and Janell have been riding around the world on their BMW 650 GSs for the past nine years, and they always travel with their pack of loyal pooches.


State TV - Russia

Their team formed eight years ago. During this time, the couple Stu and Janell and their dogs visited 96 countries. They started from their native Australia, then travelled to North and South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and, finally, Russia. The main purpose of the trip is to get acquainted with the culture and way of life of different nations. The scorching sun, frost, wind, off-road and a complete lack of comfort - that's what accompanies this friendly family on a journey. However, they are sure that you must definitely listen to your heart when it calls somewhere.


These Moto Dogs Can’t Get Enough Adventure On Two-Wheels!

Some dogs are more adventurous than a lot of human riders: from tiny Yorkshire terriers to border collies, South American mongrels and extravagant poodles, these furry four-legged riders have clocked thousands of miles on motorcycles alongside their owners. We talked to several inspirational riders who chose to share their bikes and travels with their faithful and fearless moto dogs.


Aussie couple travel the world with their furry family

Travelling in itself could be as daunting as a visit to the dentist, but nothing stopped this determined couple from doing what they love. Known as ‘The Pack Track’, Australian couple Stu and Janell Clarke, together with their two furry friends, are touring the world on a motorbike. Travelling in itself could be as daunting as a visit to the dentist, but nothing stopped this determined couple from doing what they love.

Australian Couple Who Traveled From US To Nigeria On Bikes Share Experiences With #ConciseMetro

Describing Nigerians as the friendliest set of people they have come across in the course of their journey traversing five of the six continents on motorbikes, Stuart and Janell, told Concise News that their decision to travel the world on motorbikes was not a spontaneous one. They planned and saved money for eight years to be able to embark on this adrenalin-pumping voyage.

Channels TV - Nigeria

In this interview with Channels TV, The Pack Track shared their remarkable journey of the then 3.5 years of travel around the world. They spoke about their unforgettable experiences and the warm welcome they received in Nigeria. As well as the vibrant culture, the couple expressed their gratitude for the hospitality shown by the Nigerian people.


Chouf TV - Morocco

In their interview with Chouf TV, this intrepid couple shared their extraordinary journey of exploration spanning multiple continents. Reflecting on their time in Morocco, they spoke passionately about the rich cultural tapestry, captivating landscapes, and warm hospitality they encountered during their travels. Their inspiring story showcases the transformative power of travel and the profound impact it can have on one's perspective of the world.

Motorcycle Riding Dogs & Is It the End of the 650 Single Cylinder?

There’s no doubt, that traveling with a dog does have it’s challenges and rewards, and there are some sacrifices to be made along the way as well. We talked to Stuart and Janell Clarke who have been riding with their dogs on the back of their bikes for over two years and to Ara Gureghian who has had his best friend, Spirit travelling beside him in his sidecar for over ten years. And these riders wouldn’t have it any other way. Their friends riding with them, feeling the wind in their fur… er, hair… and if you asked the dogs, we’re sure they would say it beats sticking their head out of a car window any day!


Touring the world on motorbikes

Stuart Clarke, his wife Janell and their pet dog Skyla, have encountered some of the most amazing scenery and ecological sights in the world; including prehistoric plateaus, breathtaking waterfalls, the Amazon, the foot hills to the Andes Mountain Range and many picturesque beaches.
It is no surprise that the couple, who started their journey on February 28, ended up on our shores.

Fox Sports - Brazil

During the interview, the Australians emphasised the importance of experiencing authentic and immersive travel experiences rather than opting for the comfort of traditional means of transportation. They shared stories of memorable encounters with locals, the discovery of remote places, and the physical challenges they overcame while navigating different terrains and weather conditions.