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Hello and welcome to our website! We are from Sydney, Australia, and after 5 years of planning and saving, we packed up and sold up to travel around the world on motorbikes with our dogs. We bought two BMW 650 GS’s in Texas, kitted up then headed south for the adventure of a life time. We hope to travel all across the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia before completing our adventure with a tour of all 7 of Australia's states and territories. Well, thats the plan anyway!

We are tracking our story with regular blogs and videos as well as almost daily posts to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. So please have a look around our site, leave comments, contact us with any questions and we hope you enjoy.

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To travel around the World with our dogs on motorbikes.

This is the adventure of a lifetime! We want to experience the diverse cultures and landscapes of the worlds countries and continents. At the same time we hope to break down the barriers of pet travel by bringing our pet dogs on the journey with us and showing people how easy it is to do.

We also support the work of World Animal Protection, if you also want to help this cause you can donate by clicking on the link further down the page.

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The Sahara
The Sahara

January 26, 2017 1 Comment

We crossed the Sahara from Morocco to Mauritania in January. Unlike countless adventure rider predecessors, it was an easy ride for us along an excellent sealed road that runs parallel to the coast through the disputed zone of Western Saraha. We camped in coastal towns all along the coast. The days were sunny and warm and the evenings were cool and perfect for camping. These coastal towns were small, only a few shops and restaurants were geared for tourists so on the pricy side. We decided to make all our meals because we set up in each town for a couple of nights and had the time an inspiration. Generally it was scrambled eggs for breakfast, fruit for lunch and then a tuna Couscous concoction for dinner. Supplies in the mini supermarkets were basic, theres no Trader Joes, Coles or Aldi's. Before we knew it the Sahara was gone. We didn't die of thirst or heat exhaustion, we didn't sink in sand dunes and it was really very pleasant. It would have been fun to deviate from the ro...

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Entering Africa - Morocco
Entering Africa - Morocco

December 09, 2016 0 Comments

The Pack Track entered Africa with great excitment and trepidation. There is so much to see in Africa, such different cultures to explore. But it is a challenging continent (roads, climate, poverty) and a volatile continent (conflict). We had rested enough in Europe and felt ready for the next adventure, not to mention warmer climates! We took the Trasmediterranea ferry from Algeciras to Tangier Med. This is the slow, run-down looking ferry and coincidently the cheapest option at €77 for 2 people and 2 motorbikes.  We'd checked the prices online which indicated a cost for dogs but decided not to book online after our recent ferry debacle in England resutling in a missed ferry, additional 600km+, hotel expenses and more riding in the cold, wet, England rain. So, when we turned up to the ferry terminal in Algeciras we were happily surprised the dogs were allowed on for free and when we were on the ferry, motorbikes tied down in the parking area, the girls were allowed to sit inside t...

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September 29, 2015 0 Comments

We hadn’t seen Stu’s brother since he flew down to Cancun right at the start of our trip. We’d also never met his new girlfriend Diana or seen him in his new life in Ottawa. So after spending a lovely time with Janells family in New York, we felt spoilt to be riding to Greg and Diana for more family time. We had planned to spend a few nights with them and then ride up to see Montreal, Quebec City and some more to the east before making our way west, but Shadow had something else in mind. Since finding Shadow, 6 weeks previous, she had started to put on weight and was looking more like a guinea-pig than a dog. This is to be expected when you take a dog from the streets but she was so ravenous. Its unchartered territory when you adopt a street dog, nobody can tell you anything about it and Shadow was so much smaller than any dog we'd ever had so we had no idea how much food she should eat. She reduced the food she was eating but the tummy still got bigger. Can you guess what was go...

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