Dog Food

September 16, 2017

If you want your dog to be healthy and happy, choosing the right dog food is paramount. But its not a simple decision. We, as dog owners, have to consider availability, practicality and feasibility. Lets also not forget that your dog should enjoy their food.

We've always been at a loss when it comes to deciding on a good brand to use, often falling for the misconception that the most expensive is the best. Fortunately, the team at has conducted a very straightforward study to determine the best available products on the market.

You can read all about the study at

The study identifies the advantages and disadvantages of different types of dog food; home made, dry food, wet food, dehydrated and raw. The study identifies a list of ingredients that should be used and what ingredients are harmful for dogs. Finally the expert team uses a process of elimination based on the ingredients to shortlist all the available brands and types of dog food and comes up with a top 4 by analysing protein, fat and carbohydrate proportions.

Back in Australia I enjoyed making my dogs food, knowing exactly what she was eating and preventing flavourings, colourings and other nasty ingredients entering and destroying her system. On the road however its just not possible to be making dog food. Also carrying wet food is not practical with weight and space restrictions on the motorbikes. So our best option is dehydrated or dog kibbles as we call them at home. But then we are limited by the bag size, definitely the cost and finally the availability. Africa has been a big challenge for us to get decent dog food, often left with only 1 or 2 brands available and we’ve had to search around at veterinarians, supermarkets and hardware shops to find them. For those of you out there who have the luxury of choosing, have a read through the list of approved foods recommends and try to find a solution that works well for you and your pal.

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