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Pillion Pooch | Pre-Order

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**Colour options will reduce drastically after the 23rd of September.

Proudly UK made.

Pillion Pooch® manufacturing has commenced.

We have engaged some of the top engineering firms in the UK and Europe with extensive experience and using state of the art machining technology to produce a consistently premium product.

Pre-order your very own Award Winning Pillion Pooch now and join the Early Adopters Club (EAC). EAC member will enjoy the following benefits1:

  • Lifetime warranty on metal2 and hard plastic components,
  • 5 year accident replacement3,
  • Extended colour range4, and
  • Invitation to join our generous affiliate program and earn 20% commission on sales5

Its a very specific market that we are reaching; people who ride motorcycles, own dogs and want to ride with their dogs. But apart from that there are no rules or requirements as to how much you want to use the Pillion Pooch.

Don't let people tell you its too hard to travel with dogs, these people are just looking for the easy way out. Sure it takes a little more planning, but once you get the hang of it, its actually much more pleasant than not having them. We are constantly saying how boring our trip would be without our girls.

The design incorporates a roll cage engineered to support the weight of a 250kg bike. The harness point is designed to safely restrain a 30kg dog while undergoing rapid deceleration. However, you also need to take into consideration the comfort of your dog, the internal dimensions are 39cm x 62cm floor space with a height of 55cm at the centre.

The Pillion Pooch is designed to be narrower than the handlebars and lower than all but the shortest of riders (seating position and rack height dependant). So you will not be taken by surprise when you ride into a tight squeeze. The complete unit weighs in at just under 15kg. Please consult your motorcycle and/or rear rack manufacturer to ensure they are sufficiently designed to hold the weight of the Pillion Pooch, dog(s) and any luggage you intend strapping within.

The Pillion Pooch will include required hardware for securing a dog from its harness to the apex of the Pillion Pooch and bedding for your dog to sit on. To secure multiple dogs (up to a total of 30kg) additional chain and clip will need to be purchased.

Included with each unit

  • Dog Securing Chain and Clip
  • Bedding
  • Pillion Pooch frame including all assembly hardware
  • Pillion Pooch canvas

Not included

  • Mounting hardware (specific to bike and rear rack)
  • Dog harness (specific to dog)
  • Chain and clips for additional dogs

Pre-Orders won't ship any earlier than the end of October.

Legislation regarding dogs on Motorcycles

Here is a summary of all the relevant legislation for animal transport in a vehicle. The Pillion Pooch complies with all of these legislations and many more. Please consult the appropriate authority for legislation in your country if not listed below and feel free to notify us of any changes/updates in legislation.

Mounting to a Motorcycle

The base attaches to the bike via a rear rack. The mounting hardware required to fix the base of the Pillion Pooch to your specific rear rack will need to be purchased separately. For most racks a set of U-bolts will suffice.

The rear rack and mounting hardware are not included with the Pillion Pooch.

This is because mounting hardware is very much dependent on the motorcycle. To install the Pillion Pooch, a few holes will need to be drilled to allow your mounting hardware to fasten the Pillion Pooch to your rack. Recommended mounting hardware includes M8 round/square u-bolts specific to your rack type. A competent DIY or handyman could conduct this installation however, your baby will be riding so we recommend a professional installation.

If you are in any way unsure whether your rack is compatible then get in contact with us and we'll provide assistance.

Once installed, the frame can be easily assembled and disassembled.

We are happy to recommend the following motorcycle rack manufactures and mounting hardware:

If you are in any way unsure whether your rack is compatible then get in contact with us and we'll provide assistance.

Prior to shipping we will release a comprehensive How-To video demonstrating various means of mounting the Pillion Pooch to a motorbike.

Please also consider the compatibility of your pannier system with the Pillion Pooch. Soft panniers and panniers with removable lids are all usable with the Pillion Pooch. Its possible that access to hinged panniers can be inhibited with the base of the Pillion Pooch.

Terms and Conditions

  1. To be eligible for post sale benefits you must complete a number of short surveys designed to give us feedback on the customer experience. Surveys will include ordering, unpacking and initial impressions, installation, dog acceptance and feelings after 3 months; Some post sale benefits may become available to all at a later date.
  2. Excluding fasteners and clips which are easily obtained in most locations but will be covered under the standard warranty.
  3. Police accident report required to claim; Any evidence of deliberate damage voids the claim; Damaged Pillion Pooch to be returned; All shipping charges payable by customer.
  4. Extended colour range only available until the 23rd of September due to manufacturing commencing.
  5. 20% of the pretax sales price for every Pillion Pooch sold via your affiliate link will be paid to you; Commission subject to change with 30 days notice; Cookies used to track affiliate link usage and maintained for 30 days, so customers can return anytime within 30 days and you will still register as the affiliate provided no other affiliate link was used in the meanwhile; Additional Terms and Conditions will apply and will be made clear at the time of registration.
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