Affiliate Toolbox


Welcome to Pillion Pooch's Affiliate Toolbox. Here you will find information and resources that you are free to use in your own campaign to convert sales.

What is an Affiliate?

An affiliate is an influencer who posts content about the Pillion Pooch along with a unique referral link to their audience and receives a commission for any verified sale made as a result of their referral. The audience can be visitors to a blog, followers of a social media channel or views of a YouTube or similar video. This audience may be established or simply someone browsing the web and stumbling by your content.

Pillion Pooch uses Refersion to administer this Affiliate Program.

General Information


Here we have a small collection of material that you are free to use. You are also free to use any material found on the website and the public content available on the Pillion Pooch social media channels including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

However, it is our preference that you generate as much as possible your own content in the form of your own photos and videos for members of the owners program and/or unique write-ups and descriptions.

Authorised Branding

Pillion Pooch Approved Affiliate
Pillion Pooch Approved Affiliate
Pillion Pooch Approved Affiliate with Grey Border
Pillion Pooch Approved Affiliate with Grey Border


We are currently offering a 10% discount to anyone who subscribes to our newsletter. All that is required to receive this discount code is to provide an email address. The discount code is valid for 7 days from the time the subscription is submitted.

SplitIt Interest Free Payments

We are now offering interest free payments for up to 6 months. This is an incentive that we are not expecting to change any time soon. The customer can select this option when they checkout so this is in no way linked to you. The SplitIt payment covers the entire cost of the Pillion Pooch with the delivery fee.

DHL Worldwide Delivery

We can deliver to anywhere in the world through DHL's network. Delivery to Europe and most of North America is next day, while delivery to other parts of the world vary depending on accessibility but are generally within 3 days. Customers do have the option of selecting DHL Economy for a cheaper delivery which takes longer but this service is only available in Europe. Again, the customer will make the decision at checkout. 

Flyer templates - coming soon

Videos - coming soon

Photos - coming soon

Join Our Affiliate Program

If you have not signed up to our affiliate program then please click here for full details, terms and conditions and to complete the signup form.

Referral Link

Each affiliate will have a unique referral link, this referral link can be found on the Refersion dashboard. But please consider how you present this to potential customers. In printed form it will look something like this:

If you hand this out on printed material the customer will most likely take the easier route of typing in to find our site and the connection to you will be lost. You can get around this long link by generating a shortened link within Refersion, but again these are not overly user friendly and look like this:

This will force the customer to type the entire URL in order to find our website through you, again not ideal in printed form. A better option, if you have your own domain name or access to one, is to redirect customers from your own site by using something like:

This just requires a redirect from your website at the address of /BikerDog to your referral link.

A better option still, is to use a QR Code as detailed below.

QR Codes

QR codes are 2 dimensional barcodes used to encode a small amount of data, such as a web address. They are a great way to direct people to a webpage or social media channel. Try taking a photo of the below image with a smart phone and see what happens.

Link to QR Code Generator
Link to QR Code Generator

There are free QR Code generators available, one we have used is QR Code Generator. This site allows you to create basic QR Codes without needing an account. Or you can sign up to their 14 day trial and create a range of more elaborate QR Codes including your logo and fancy frames.

Your generated QR Code could be used on a flyer, business card or directly on the side of your Pillion Pooch. You could send customers directly to our website via your Referral link or to your own blog or social media channel containing, amongst other content, a prominent ad for the Pillion Pooch with your Referral link.

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions are outlined in our Affiliate Agreement.

Our Privacy Policy for is carried through for use with our Refersion merchant account.