Pillion Pooch

The Ultimate Motorcycle Dog Carrier. Developed and tested in the field through over 50 countries across 5 continents. The Pillion Pooch is simply the safest way to take your dog on a motorcycle.

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The design incorporates a roll cage engineered to withstand a 1 ton force as demonstrated in the video below. The harness point is designed to safely restrain a 30kg dog while undergoing rapid deceleration. The included chain and carabiner allows the dog to have free movement within the Pillion Pooch while preventing them from jumping or falling out. Internal dimensions of the Pillion Pooch are 39cm x 62cm floor space with a height of 55cm at the centre (both 1-Pup and 2-Pup setups).

The Pillion Pooch is designed to be narrower than the handlebars, so you will not be taken by surprise when you ride into a tight squeeze. The complete unit weighs in at just under 15kg. Please consult your motorcycle and/or rear rack manufacturer to ensure they are sufficiently designed to hold the weight of the Pillion Pooch, dog(s) and any luggage you intend strapping within.


The base of the Pillion Pooch is generically designed to attach to the bike via a rear rack. The mounting hardware required to fix the Pillion Pooch to your specific rear rack is not included as this hardware is very much dependent on the motorcycle. However, for most racks a set of U-bolts will suffice.

The rear rack and mounting hardware are not included with the Pillion Pooch. Please check out our recommended accessories below.

To install the Pillion Pooch, a few holes will need to be drilled to allow your mounting hardware to fasten the Pillion Pooch to your rack. Recommended mounting hardware includes M8 round/square u-bolts specific to your rack type. A competent DIY or handyman could conduct this installation however, your baby will be riding so we recommend a professional installation.

If you are in any way unsure whether your rack is compatible then get in contact with us and we'll provide assistance.

Once installed, the frame can be easily assembled and disassembled.

Please also consider the compatibility of your pannier system with the Pillion Pooch. Soft panniers and panniers with removable lids are all usable with the Pillion Pooch. Its possible that access to hinged panniers can be inhibited with the base of the Pillion Pooch.

Legislation regarding dogs on motorbikes.

Many countries have put in place guidelines for taking dogs in vehicles and in particular on motorcycles. The Pillion Pooch complies with every legislation that we have come across during our extensive research. HOWEVER, do check with your local authorities for up-to-date information in your region and ask to see the source legislation. If no legislation can be found then it is likely not to exist, in which case it will fall under general animal welfare legislation.

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1. Accessories only recommended where items are used in their intended manner. Not all products will be suitable for your dog or motorcycle.
2. Due to the varied sizes and shapes of dogs it is sometimes hard to find correctly fitted riding gear. However, it is essential that their gear is well fitted, particularly in the case of safety equipment such as harnesses. When looking at alternate harnesses ensure they have been adequately crash tested.
3. Contact the supplier to confirm the relevant mounting hardware for your model of motorcycle is capable of supporting the Pillion Pooch (15kg) plus the weight of your dog and any other items you plan to carry within.

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