Bye Bye Dallas

Bye Bye Dallas

March 25, 2014

To all those following our journey, thank you for your patience. Today, Monday 24 March 2014 we finally hit the road. Three weeks in Dallas has been lovely and we probably could have used another week preparing but it was time to crack the whip! Don't get too excited though, we only made it around 100 miles from Dallas. Checkout at the Residence Inn - Richardson (our home for the last three weeks) was noon today. Technically we checked out on time, 12pm on the dot, however we spent the next three hours in the car park loading up the bikes, throwing out excess stuff that didn't fit, repacking, throwing out more stuff and then repacking again. A slightly frustrating and yet comical process; comical when it was Stu's stuff being consolidated and frustrating when it was Janells and the inevitable debate on the necessity of 'luxury' items. The anticipation is building by this time as the sun starts falling to the west. Our plan was to ride to Austin, the Capital of Texas and a good four hour ride from Dallas when avoiding motorways. On top of the packing delays, our home made communications and navigation system was not working and we forgot to charge our phones, tablet or laptop so we had no maps. It is times like these that a good sense of humour is in order. We decided to jump on the Interstate 35, not recommended for bikes cruising at slower speeds, but direct and quick. We are now resting in a quaint motel on the side of a busy motorway with the sounds of sirens at random intervals. Luckily everyone we run into seem to be terrified of Skyla and so keep well clear, they clearly don't know her!! It feels good to be on the road. There is a sense of excitement in the air. The bikes look good all kitted up and we can continue to refine our storage and systems on the road.

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